[MMTK] A rather annoying newbie question on the netCDF interface

Peter mmtk at maubp.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jul 14 14:38:20 CEST 2004

Roger Jarvis wrote:
> Thankyou for responding so quickly.  Following your advice I decided to 
> uninstall everything and reinstall according to the instructions on Wiki 
> using the most up to date versions of the windows installers.  I now 
> have Python2.3.4, numarray1.0, netCDF3.5.0, pywin32-202 and 
> ScientificPython2.4.6.

You will need "numpy" rather than "Numarray", its a little confusing 
because both packages are from the same team:


But this shouldn't make any difference to the NetCDF problem.

 > I placed the netcdf.dll in to the
> \\Scientific\win32 directory with Scientific_netcdf.pyd

Have you tried putting it in C:\Windows\System32\netcdf.dll instead/as well?

> Unfortunately, Python is still crashing when I do 'import 
> Scientific.IO.NetCDF' (or similar) and I'm getting the msg box appearing 
> with the error I reported yesterday.

That's not good is it?  I can't think of anything else to suggest right now.

I'll try and (re)install MMTK on a Windows XP machine using the 
downloads to double check the instructions work with the updated 
packages this afternoon.

(I've been struggling with NetCDF on Linux the last few days - will make 
a nice change)

>> Did that help?
>> If not, then some additional information like what version of Windows 
>> you are using, and if you have a C compiler, wouldn't hurt.
> My windows version is XP professional, it's up to date with the numerous 
> patches from the windowsupdate site.  I have the freely downloadable 
> version of the MS Visual C++ compiler installed.  Let me know if further 
> information would help.

I know MMTK and Scientific will compile with MS Visual C++ 6.0 (aka 
Visual Studio '98), but haven't tried with the new version Robin 
suggested (MS Visual C++ 2003 command line compiler).


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