[MMTK] Loading minimizer crashes python

Robin Maytum R.M.Maytum at kent.ac.uk
Tue Aug 12 16:10:26 EDT 2003

Michiel wrote:
> You need a gcc-style library for this to work. Previously I wrote down
> how to do that for Python's dll, see
> http://bonsai.ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~mdehoon/software/python/index.html,
> under "Compiling extensions for Python on Windows using Cygwin" on the
> left. You will need to do the same for netcdf.dll. 

Of course ! It all makes sense when you point it out - you need to make
a new .def and .a file from the .dll to allow compilation with gcc (from
mingw in my case), just as you have to for the python22.dll as pointed
out in the install instructions.

So having copied netcdf.dll to c:\python22 and netcdf.h to
c:\python22\include :-

in C:\python22\libs run :-

c:\python22\libs>pexports c:\python22\netcdf.dll > netcdf.def

c:\python22\libs>dlltool --dllname netcdf.dll --def netcdf.def
--output-lib libnetcdf.a

It then detects and compiles SciPy correctly on executing the build

c:\scientificPython-2.4.3>python setup.py build --compiler = mingw32 -f

c:\scientificPython-2.4.3>python setup.py install

And then it works !!

Many thanks for everyone's help - I'll doubtless be back with more
questions when I actually try and do a little science with MMTK :)

- Konrad - I'll try and finish putting together a complete set of
instructions for getting MMTK to compile under W2k using mingw. It might
even be possible to put together a quick and dirty install script using
a batch file which may help for those who've had problems.


Dr. Robin Maytum, Dept. Biosciences, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

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