[MMTK] Re: MMTK Windows 2000

Paweł Kędzierski kedziers@mml.ch.pwr.wroc.pl
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 10:51:24 +0100

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 01:28:40AM -0500, John Michelsen wrote:
> Hi Lawrence,
> > ATTN: John Michelsen or other Windows experts.
> > I have installed MMTK-2.2 in the following configuration:
> > 
> > Windows 2000
> > Python 2.2
> > MMTK-2.2
> > ScientificPython-2.2
> > netcdf-3.5.0
> > mingw32 compiler
> This sounds similiar to the results I got with mingw32. Another thing
> is that using mingw32 is actually more like unix development than
> windows development, since it's a unix emulation library.  So to get

  This is not true. Mingw32 is a native win32 compiler. It is cygwin
port of gcc which uses unix emulation layer.

  I think You can get more information using the newest gdb for windows
provided You compiled everything with debug info. I have not tried
it under windows, but basically you run

gdb python

then set the command line arguments for python (the script name) and
run it:

gdb> set args script.py
gdb> run

and when it crashes, request the backtrace of the call stack:

gdb> bt


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