[MMTK] Re: MMTK Windows 2000

John Michelsen jmichelz@mail.com
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 01:28:40 -0500

Hi Lawrence,

> ATTN: John Michelsen or other Windows experts.

Just to set the record straight, I'm a python expert and I use windows for development but my knowledge of writing or compiling C code on any platform is pretty small.

> I have installed MMTK-2.2 in the following configuration:
> Windows 2000
> Python 2.2
> MMTK-2.2
> ScientificPython-2.2
> netcdf-3.5.0
> mingw32 compiler
> Many of the examples DNA construction and others work fine but others 
> crash Python.  The
> visual studio debugging shows this to always be an unhandeled exception 
> in MMTK_trajectory.pyd.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This sounds similiar to the results I got with mingw32. Another thing is that using mingw32 is actually more like unix development than windows development, since it's a unix emulation library.  So to get an expert with it you need to find someone who does a lot of cross-compiling from linux to windows, or is just poor and can't afford VC++, which is rare in my (limited) experience.  The linux people tend to ignore windows and the windows people tend to use VC++ and ignore linux.

They do have a mailing list though.  Here's a link to it (searching its archives for 'python'):


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