[MMTK] MMTK on Mac OS X 10.2.2

adam hixson chixson@ou.edu
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:09:17 -0600

I just checked the archives and noticed that there has been in the past 
some interest in installing MMTK on a mac, but no details as to how to 
get it to work.  I have gotten it to work, and I thought I might 
provide some information to the list for anyone in the future who might 
need it.

First off, all of the packages that MMTK depends on can be obtained 
using fink (http://fink.sourceforge.net).

Second compiling MMTK fails because two header files cannot be found.  
First, the netcdf.h file is installed in a strange place using fink, 
and the MMTK install script cannot seem to find it.  I made a link from 
the netcdf.h (which is located in /sw/include for me) to Include/MMTK 
in the install directory.  MMTK also needs the malloc.h file.  Neither 
apple nor fink provide this, but apparently its function is duplicated 
elsewhere, as the command touch /usr/include/malloc.h solves the issue. 
  (I didn't make that last bit up, this is advice given to all porters.) 
  It seems to compile and run fine once these slight things are 

Neither of the tips provided in the installation instructions for mac 
os x seemed to be necessary for my install.  Of course, mileage may 

If anyone has any interest, I have made a fink .info file that can be 
used to install MMTK, and I have taken the liberty of providing the 
fink maintainers with it as well so other fink users can easily install 

Thanks, Konrad, for a nice tool.  I use it quite a lot and hope to 
publish something using it soon.