[MMTK] PyMol

DeLano, Warren warren@sunesis.com
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 09:59:23 -0700

In the past PyMOL has not played well with other Python environments =
such as MMTK because the launch sequence was convoluted and compilation =
was non-trivial.  I am happy to announce that the upcoming version will =
do better:

(1) it can be compiled using distutils into the standard "site-packages" =
(2) it can be launched with a simple "import pymol" followed by a called =
to "pymol.finish_launching()"

With these changes, it should be easier to combine MMTK and PyMOL into a =
single enviroment.=20

However, unless Konrad's group has been working on this within the past =
few months, the packages have not yet been integrated.

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> Konrad, how well does MMTK play together with PyMol?
> Is it in principle possible to integrate both packages into a whole?
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