[MMTK] Normal Modes and symmetry

Margot Ernst margot.ernst@univie.ac.at
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 09:28:56 +0200

Hi MMTK users,

I'm a newcomer, please forgive me if my questions are simpleminded. I'm u=
DomainFinder, and I would like to get an animation of some of my modes. F=
non degenerate modes no problem, I save the modes, load them into MMTK an=
view them one by one. BUT: The normal mode calculation in MMTK apparently=
does not make use of symmetry - or if it does, do I have to provide the p=
group? If so where? And how can I make an animation of a pair of twofold=20
degenerate modes? It is hard to see what's going on by just looking at ea=
one by itself, particularly if they come out "mixed".=20