[MMTK] Problems installing MMTK on Windows

Michael Sorich mike_sorich@hotmail.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 15:12:37 +0930

Thanks for the help

Sleep() does not work (returns error that it is undefined), but sleep()
does. With this change the build runs until completion. The few examples
I have run with MMTK seem to work. 

In summary, the changes required to get MMTK-2.28b to build properly
using MinGW32 on Windows were:(1) to add " #define M_PI
3.14159265358979323846" to MINGW/include/math.h (so nonbonded.c will
compile); and (2) change usleep(10) in MMTK_forcefield.c to sleep(10).

Also, building MMTK with the MS Visual C++ and Borland C++ compiler does
not seem to work. Not sure what is going on with the Borland compiler,
but the Visual C++ error is due to problem finding the library m.lib in
the python libs. I found a similar bug reported on SourceForge for the
installation of Numeric 2.0. The details I could gather are below.
Perhaps it makes sense to someone.

Request Id: 233049

This seems fairly clearly to be a problem with Numeric's 
setup script, which specifies the 'm' library as required
for the umath module; presumably this library doesn't exist on

Date: 2001-02-20 07:10
Sender: dubois
In setup.py remove the 'm' in the place that says
We'll fix this in a future release.

Thanks again,

Michael Sorich
PhD Student
School of Pharmaceutical, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences
University of South Australia
Email: michael.sorich@postgrads.unisa.edu.au

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"Michael" <mike_sorich@hotmail.com> writes:

> io.h does not contain a reference for the function usleep, either. I
> not sure what libc mingw is using, or where I would find this
> information.

I tried to find out which standard, if any, contains usleep, but without
success. All Unices I know seem to have it, but perhaps Windows doesn't.
I then checked in the Python module "time" for an analogous function in
Win32, and found Sleep().

Could you please try to replace the call to usleep(10) in
MMTK_forcefield.c (line 337) with Sleep(10)? If that works, I'll add a
conditional test for Windows there.

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