[MMTK] Molecular Surface

Konrad Hinsen hinsen@cnrs-orleans.fr
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 14:28:09 +0200

> 	I have a problem with the installation of the MolecularSurface module.
> I used the binary RPM, which installed in my Python1.5 folder. I thus
> had to transfer it to my current 2.1 folder. However, if I try to import the

You cannot use binary modules compiled for Python 1.5 with Python 2.1,
they have to be recompiled. The easiest solution is to download the
source RPM and execute

  rpm --rebuild <source_rpm_file>

Then install the resulting binary RPM. In this way you get a binary RPM
that is compatible with the interpreter version that corresponds to
the executable "python". If you have several Python releases installed
in parallel, make sure that typing just "python" launches the right one.

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