[MMTK] Molecular Surface

Christian Blouin cblouin@is2.dal.ca
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 09:04:02 -0400

	I have a problem with the installation of the MolecularSurface module.
I used the binary RPM, which installed in my Python1.5 folder. I thus
had to transfer it to my current 2.1 folder. However, if I try to import the
module, I get an error saying that I dont have the module MMTK_surface. This
module is not in the RPM binary but instead there is a MMTK_surfacemodule. If I
make a copy of  MMTK_surfacemodule into MMTK_surface, the module imports fine
but the functions are still undefined. 

	Where can I find the module MMTK_surface that works ?