[MMTK] ImportError: undefined symbol: PyArray_API

Konrad Hinsen hinsen@cnrs-orleans.fr
Mon, 28 May 2001 12:15:45 +0200

> I was playing with MMTK 2.2b5 on Linux 2.4 (SuSE 7.1) / python 2.1 / Numeric 
> 20.0.

Numeric 20.0 contains a modification in the header files that makes it
incompatible with earlier releases for certain (very few) extension
modules. MMTK_forcefield is one of these extension modules.

To use MMTK with Numeric 20.0, you must

- replace the file arrayobject.h from Numeric by the one available at 
- install MMTK 2.2b6

It is not necessary to reinstall Numeric. The modified arrayobject.h
will be part of future Numeric releases, so the problem concerns only
release 20.0.

For those who are interested in the background: the change in Numeric
was motivated by a problem that became evident with MacOS X, although
the same problem would have appeared on any Unix system with static
linking. Unfortunately no one could come up with a solution that would
be compatible with all extension modules. The incompatibility affects
alle extension modules that use Numeric arrays and consist of more
than one C source file.

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