[MMTK] Re: arrayobject.h missing

Victor Manuel Rosas-García quimico69@yahoo.com
Tue, 4 Jan 2000 13:01:47 -0800 (PST)

Hello Vladimir,
The arrayobject.h comes in the Numerical Python
package, distributed from Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory (LLNL).  You can look it up in the Vaults
of Parnassus (and lots of other cool stuff):


under the Math section, or directly at:


Hope this helps


--- mmtk-admin@starship.python.net wrote:
>  Hello all
>  I'm trying to build MMTK 2.0b1 under linux, but the
> compilation
>  fails (./compile step) with an error:
>  In file included from
> ../MMTK/Include/mmtk_forcefield.h:11,
>                  from ./MMTK_forcefield.c:9:
>  ../MMTK/Include/mmtk.h:11: arrayobject.h: No such
> file or
> directory
>  make: *** [MMTK_forcefield.o] Error 1
>  I also see that the file arrayobject.h does not
> exist
> within the
>  MMTK-2.0b1 directory. Where do I get arrayobject.h?
>  VL

Victor M. Rosas García
Computational Chemistry Apprentice

e-mail: quimico69@yahoo.com

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