[MMTK] compilation problem in SGI.

Andrew Dalke andrew_dalke@hotmail.com
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 20:23:30 MST

mao xiang <xmao@iris.sipp.ac.cn>
>I got the error :
>  ---------------------------
>  ld: FATAL 113: cannot link new 32-bit object without -n32:
>   ---------------------------
>And then I add -n32 to "ld -shared -all -n32" in Makefile and
>Makefile.pre, and recompile it, I got the error:
>ld: FATAL 112: cannot link old 32-bit object with -n32 link:
>     I do not know how to solve this problem, I wish you can
>give me some advice about it. Thanks in advance.

It looks like your Python installation and your libcdf were
compiled with different ABIs.  Are you using all -n32?  You
can check with the `file' command, as in:

  file Scientific_netcdf.o

Use it to check that all three (mmtk, netcdf and python) were
compiled the same way.  We've had lots of problems with getting
the right ABI on our machines.  The default on the 6.2 machines
were o32 while the 6.5 machines are n32.

Oh, and also, set SGI_ABI to be -n32 (or -32) when compiling.
This gets around having to tell autoconf what to do.  And if
you've done the 6.2->6.5 transition, you'll probably want to
change the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS (if I recall rightly) in the
config/Makefile.pre.in to have the right ABI setting.


figure out how to

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