[MMTK] Stack overflow

Victor Manuel Rosas-García quimico69@yahoo.com
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 12:40:51 -0800 (PST)

Hello everybody,

Anyone with Windows programming experience in here? 
I'm compiling the MMTK for use under Win95/98, and I
have the pyd's *almost* ready. The only problem I've
got is with the Example file "solvation.py".  Whenever
I run this example I get a "python.exe caused a stack
overflow" error (from Norton CrashGuard).  The file
"argon.py" completes succesfully, though.  My compiler
is mingw32 and I'm linking against msvcrt.dll (just as
python.exe itself is). Are there any options or
#define's I could specify at compilation time to
correct this?
Or is it a matter of CONFIG.SYS keywords?


Victor M. Rosas García
Computational Chemistry Apprentice

e-mail: quimico69@yahoo.com

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