[MMTK] Re: Objects in Bioinformatics BoF on VHLLs

Andrew Dalke dalke@bioreason.com
Fri, 06 Aug 1999 21:22:38 -0600


  Several people responded to my query on who would be interested
in a BoF on very high level languages during the Objects in
Bioinformatics conference in a few weeks.  It has been set up,
and here's the blurb I sent to Manfred about it.

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  Birds-of-a-feather - Very High Level Languages for Bioinformatics

  Very high level languages let people write new algorithms and
even build complete applications quickly and with less effort than
more traditional languages.  Perl is well known in the sequence world
(see bio.perl.org), Python has a following in biomolecular structures
(see http://starship.python.net/crew/hinsen/mmtk.html), and Tcl
has its own set of fans.

  This BOF is for people who are using VHLLs in bioinformatics
projects to talk about what they are doing and hear from others.
If you've never heard of a VHLL, come by and we'll try to convert
you to our language of choice!

  If you want to give a short talk (five minutes or so) on how you
use a VHLL, please contact me at the hotel so I can organize

                                Andrew Dalke <dalke@acm.org>
                                (infrequent email access until OiB)
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In addition to people talking about what they are doing with
VHLLs at their company, here's some other topics which might be
discussed.  These are my interests, so please get a hold of me
at the conference if you have others.

  o overview of some of the existing projects
      *  bioperl, MMTK, CACTVS, <plug> PyDaylight </plug>
      *  anyone know about http://theopenlab.uml.edu/?
  o convincing your coworkers to use "unsupported" languages
      *  What it feels like to be a missionary
  o integrating existing C/C++ code with SWIG
  o complaining about "human readable" and FORTRAN file formats

						Andrew Dalke
						(won't read for 3 weeks)