[MMTK] Objects in Bioinformatics BoF on VHLLs

Andrew Dalke dalke@bioreason.com
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 22:31:35 -0600


  I'm trying to get something like a BoF for VHLLs set up for
OiB'99.  Any one else interested?  Email me so I can get a rough

  Enough acronyms!  Here's the translation.

  Some conferences have a "Birds-Of-a-Feather" meetings where
people with similar interests can get together and talk
informally about that interest.  The Objects in Bioinformatics
meeting <http://cbcg.lbl.gov/OiB99/> is coming up soon, and
I know there will be people there using python, perl or other
"Very High Level Languages" who want to discuss their work.

  Besides, I'm interested in knowing more about what others are
doing (and spreading the Joy of Python to all).

  This might also be a way for people to talk face-to-face about
possible designs for a Seq.pm rewrite; since some of use won't
be able to make it to the Bioperl '99 workshop at ISMB, nor
see the eclipse without resorting to large cardboard cutouts of
the Moon.

  I sent mail to Manfred Zorn, who is one of the coordinaters for
OiB, to see about organizing some sort of BoF meeting.  I would
also like to get a rough idea of who else might attend such an
event if it were held.

  Please email me if you are planning to go to OiB and would be
interested in going to a BoF on VHLLs.  At the very least, we can
all go out to dinner or get beer and have a language war.

  Now, wasn't that easier the 2nd time around?

						Andrew Dalke
  Add smilies where appropriate :)