[MMTK] winXX

Peter C. McCluskey pcm@rahul.net
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 07:24:48 -0800

 hinsen@cnrs-orleans.fr (Konrad Hinsen) writes:
>Would there be an interest in a "preview release", without fully
>updated documentation? I would announce it only on this list, just for
>the MMTK experts. That could be done next week. If someone would like

 Yes. There are clear indications that a "release early, release often"
strategy contributes to the success of open source software (see Eric
Raymond's Cathedral and the Bazaar paper).

>> So you don't know of anyone who has ever generated the dlls for windows?
>Someone did, I'll have to search through my mail archives.

Dibakar Ray (dibakar@medlar0.delhi.nic.in) said on this list over a year
ago that he was working on it.
Chris Phoenix (cphoenix@best.com) has done something with MMTK on Windows

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