[MMTK] Experimental ProsaII CORBA server

Lutz.Ehrlich@EMBL-Heidelberg.de Lutz.Ehrlich@EMBL-Heidelberg.de
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 15:22:28 +0100 ('MET)

Hi all,

I just finished a CORBA client for Sippl's ProsaII program that integrates
with MMTK. This means you can use Prosa2 for MMTK universes or PDB files
and get a validity score for your protein structure (cf. explanations
below). If somebody is interested in using the server

		for academic purposes only

please contact me via email.

Here's some blurb about Prosa2:

What is Prosa?

Prosa is a program to score protein structures, based on a statistical
analysis of the entire PDB. Please find more information at Sippl's 
group site at


A central reference is: 

		Sippl,M.J. Knowledge Based Potentials for Proteins. 
		Cur.Opin.Struct.Biol., 5, 229-235 (1995). 



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