Molecular Construction extensions demoed at Foresight conference

Peter C. McCluskey
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 11:05:05 -0800

 I have made the source code available for what I've been working on at:
along with a paper describing my approach and more examples of what it can
 My poster at the nanotech conference was fairly well received, although
I doubt that I adequately communicated how it worked.

 This code is still very incomplete, slow, buggy, and disorganized, and I
would have postponed releasing the source code if I didn't feel obligated to
release it to supplement the explanations I gave at the conference.

 I hope that it will eventually become part of the standard MMTK distribution,
but it will probably be at least a month or two before I can recommend that
Konrad consider this. There are some pieces such as the RasMol interface, and additions to that could be easily
used as independant improvements, but the main features of what I've done
require significant changes to, and I don't know whether
they would break existing applications in their current form.
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