mmtk1.1b1 on DEC AlphaStation

Konrad Hinsen
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 12:31:41 +0200 (DFT)

> NO JOY.  I put in the Numeric package from LLNLPython4 and the
> demo still core dumps with a floating point exception on
> the AlphaStation.  If minimizer() or integrator() don't use features
> from the Numeric package, I'm not too surprised that didn't work.  At
> least the Numeric self-test ran successfully.

It does use Numeric stuff, although not much.

One difference between your and my setup is that I am using DEC's C
compiler, not gcc. Does anyone else use MMTK on an Alpha with gcc out

> By the way, the reason I was looking at the old versions of NumPy and
> NumPyLib is because the MMTK home page link:
> pointed at them.  There's no mention that its really buried in LLNLPython4.

That's a rather new development; in the next MMTK release, the pointer
is of course updated (along with some others).

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