mmtk1.1b1 on DEC AlphaStation

James A. Lupo
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 13:41:56 -0400


I used whatever version of NumPy which was contained in the
python-for-science.tar.gz as returned by the "extended" Python
distribution link on the mmtk home page.  I don't see any version
numbers in the NumPy *.py files.  Is there an easy way to tell?  I'll
go ahead and try building NumPy from their most recent source
distributions (looks like NumPy-1.0b3 and NumPyLib-1.0b2) see if they
work on the DEC AlphaStation.

The good news is I've got things working on an SGI 4D/440 system
running IRIX 5.3.  At least the example is clicking of
numbers as I type instead of core dumping.  This lends credence to my
suspicions that there are some some pointer-related problems with the
C code on the Alpha.  The Alpha's 64 bit points have caused me more
than a few problems porting stuff in the past.  If I can resolve the
issues, I'll be sure to let you know.

One final note.  I enabled NetCDF support, but had to manually copy
netcdfmodule.h to the installed Python include directory before mmtk
would compile.  I assume this is a Python problem rather than an mmtk


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