problems with mmtk

Alan Grossfield
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 07:00:45 -0400

:Let me add that MMTKPATH has nothing to do with modules. Python looks
:for modules along PYTHONPATH, and nothing else. MMTKPATH indicates
:the paths to the MMTK database, i.e. the directories Atoms, Groups,
:Molecules, Proteins, etc.
:As for installation, the good news is that the next release, which
:will probably be available before the end of this month, will have an
:installation script. All you will have to do is "python"
:and set the environment variables. I wish I could get rid of the
:environment variables, but I don't see how!
That'll be nice, although installation isn't that hard now.  As for
getting rid of environment variables, I suppose you could use the approach
perl uses: compile in a default list of include directories, and dump it
into a variable that can be modified at runtime by a script.  In truth,
I don't see that that's any better.  The nice thing about the current 
approach is the ability to set the variable for everyone (I put 
PYTHONPATH and MMTKPATH into our system's /etc/cshrc) while allowing 
specific users to customize (I add my own working directories locally).

Thanks again,

Alan Grossfield
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