problems with mmtk

Konrad Hinsen
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 10:30:57 +0200 (DFT)

> Yes, this helped. I realized what I did wrong after getting the clue from you. I had unpacked the mmtk tar file in my home directory, then decided to place it with my python stuff, so unpacked it again there. When I did the 'make', I did it in the mmtk directory that was in my home hierarchy rather than the python hierarchy. My MMTKPATH was then pointing to a place where the c-modules were not installed. Oh well, all is well now. Thanks.

Let me add that MMTKPATH has nothing to do with modules. Python looks
for modules along PYTHONPATH, and nothing else. MMTKPATH indicates
the paths to the MMTK database, i.e. the directories Atoms, Groups,
Molecules, Proteins, etc.

As for installation, the good news is that the next release, which
will probably be available before the end of this month, will have an
installation script. All you will have to do is "python"
and set the environment variables. I wish I could get rid of the
environment variables, but I don't see how!

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