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Konrad Hinsen hinsen@ibs.ibs.fr
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 12:04:47 +0100

> how to compile the MMTK for Windows NT. But I need some more information
> on the following points -
> 1. It seems I have to make a DLL from the .c and .h files provided with
>    MMTK. If so what should be the DLL name, which directory I should
>    keep the DLL after compilation.

Sorry, no idea. Under Unix, the name of the dynamic library is the
Python module name. Maybe that works under Windows as well. Again,
probably someone on comp.lang.python could help.

> 2. For NumPy also whether I should try to make a DLL and if yes
>    what should be its name, and where should I put it after compilation.

Again, no idea...

> 3. As per the instruction provided with the NetCDF distribution,
>    I have compiled it for Windows NT. It says compilation of the
>    static library is user's responsibility. Do I need it ( I am
>    using PythonWin and also Python1.5), if yes how to compile the
>    static library.  

Probably you don't need it, a dynamic version should be sufficient.
But I have no idea about what you need to do tell the netCDF interface
module to use the netCDF library!
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