No subject
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 11:17 EST

From the mail forwarded by Mr Hinsen, I think I have some idea
how to compile the MMTK for Windows NT. But I need some more information
on the following points -
1. It seems I have to make a DLL from the .c and .h files provided with
   MMTK. If so what should be the DLL name, which directory I should
   keep the DLL after compilation.

2. For NumPy also whether I should try to make a DLL and if yes
   what should be its name, and where should I put it after compilation.

3. As per the instruction provided with the NetCDF distribution,
   I have compiled it for Windows NT. It says compilation of the
   static library is user's responsibility. Do I need it ( I am
   using PythonWin and also Python1.5), if yes how to compile the
   static library.  
Dibakar Ray