Problems with LeastSquares

Konrad Hinsen
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 18:51:41 +0100

> We recently put MMTK up on a Sun here. We don't have a great
>  deal of experience with Python, but I was interested in using 
> the non-linear least squares module. I got the following message

The least squares module is not really a part of MMTK; it's part of
a collection of general science modules, which happens to be used by

> I can get the script to work by changin the lines in the script to
> #       f = model(tuple(parameters), tuple(point[0]))
>         f = model(parameters, point[0])

That's exactly the right thing to do. I put in those tuple() conversions
for some testing and forgot to take them out again before releasing
the module...

> However, I would like to use the script on a multivariate model function, so it
> would be preferable if I could get things going as I understand the 
> documentation (which I certainly haven't been able to do yet).

With your fix it *will* work with multivariate model functions.
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