Update: The Molecular Modeling Toolkit, version 1.0b2

Konrad Hinsen hinsen@ibs.ibs.fr
Thu, 29 May 1997 21:11:02 +0200

Update: The Molecular Modeling Toolkit, version 1.0b2

The Molecular Modelling Toolkit (MMTK) is a program library for
molecular modelling applications. Its aim is to provide researchers,
especially those working on the development of new modelling methods,
with a code basis that can be easily extended and modified to deal
with standard and non-standard problems in molecular modelling.
MMTK is free software.

The second public release, 1.0b2, adds some new features and
improvements, mostly related to trajectories.

With the new version, MMTK has moved. It is now at


A mailing list has been created for those who wish to discuss
MMTK-related questions and be informed about new versions.
To join the mailing list, send a message with the word "subscribe"
(without the quotes) as the *subject* to


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