mmtk questions

Lutz Ehrlich
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 11:29:50 -6000

Hi all,

I was sure that someone would bring up the license subject for NSC, which 
is the essential part of the surface module I wrote. 

My suggestion: Anybody should come up with suggestions what a sensible 
license statement might look like (particularly for non-edu users). 
Andrew, could you point me to the relevant spot in VMD/NAMD?
After I have collected suggestions, I'll talk things over with Frank 
Eisenhaber directly.

> > Ah, I see. Yes, that ought to work, but with Lutz Ehrlich's
> > surface module (based on Frank Eisenhaber's NSC routine), which will
> > be part of the next MMTK release, this won't be necessary any more!
> > But it might be fun to provide a second implementation and compare...
>   I just took a look at it.  The problem for us is the statement:
> : ASC is freely available for academic use, so you may download it
> : to your site. Commercial users please contact in advance the author
> : Frank Eisenhaber (e.g. via E-mail for
> : a commercial user licence.
>   and I'm not at a university anymore.  This would also have
> redistribution problems if I were to include it in a package with
> a more lenient policy, like VMD.


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