MMTK at the Python conference

Konrad Hinsen
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 11:09:16 +0200

As most of you probably know, the sixth Python conference will be held
from October 14-17 in San Jose, California, USA. You can find everything
that's worth knowing about it at

In the paper session I'll present MMTK, however with the focus on
scientific computing in Python, not on computational chemistry. I'll
also do demonstrations if anyone is interested. I'll also do a tutorial
on "Scientific Computing in Python" on Tuesday 14th.

All of this may be not so interesting for you, the MMTK users, although
it would be nice to see a few of you in person at the conference. But
if you have any colleagues who are not using Python and/or MMTK yet,
try to convince them to participate!

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