[elspy] test, ignore

Gunter Mintzel gm at ipn.de
Fri Jan 23 15:18:13 CET 2004

Hello everyone, Greg,

 > OTOH, elspy is clearly not going to take over the world any time soon,
 > and I doubt anyone would notice if I just shut this list down.
 > Objections?

This list could be a place to talk about enhancements.

I added some features to the spamassassin.py script, however these are
not documented very well yet. If somebody is interested I would fix this
and release my version somewhere:

- Host and sender whitelisting, to avoid calling SpamAssassin if the
   mail comes from a trusted host AND sender (needs MySQL-DB). This
   saves a lot of CPU time.

- I configured several Anti-Virus rules in SpamAssassin, and don´t
   accept positives even if the REJECT_THRESHOLD is not reached.
   -> less CPU/HDD activity for the AV-Scanner

- The script can post maybe-SPAM mail into several folders of an
   IMAP Server. I use these folders to feed the BAYES db and to
   develop new SA rules.

- The script computes checksums based on whitespace and non-letters,
   to detect SPAM with random word generators (not very useful however,
   needs MySQL-DB).

I use exim, elspy, SpamAssassin 2.6, amavisd-new, Clamscan and a 
commercial AV scanner to process about 20K incoming mails per day
(plus those we don´t accept ...). Everything works perfectly stable.


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