[elspy] Compiling elspy on Debian unstable

Hy Ginsberg hy at livedata.com
Fri Jan 23 14:40:27 CET 2004

Hey, we use elspy here at LiveData!  Elspy rocks!  It's just that, well, it
just simply works, so there's never any need to discuss it...

Hy Ginsberg
LiveData, Inc.

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> On 15 January 2004, A.M. Kuchling said:
> > I'm trying to compile elspy and Exim 4.30 on a machine running Debian
> > unstable.  The compilation completes without a hitch, but the resulting
> > binary dumps core when receiving a message.  Even more puzzling, when I
> > it under GDB to find the exact location of the segfault, it doesn't dump
> > core, but delivers the message without problems.
> Hmmm.  Are you using the latest CVS elspy?  There was an eye-poppingly
> stupid bug in elspy 0.1.1 (uninitialized variable) that went unnoticed
> for a long time, but then jumped out at me with a coredump when I built
> on a new system.  I posted a patch here, but didn't release a new
> version because, well, no one seems to be using elspy apart from you,
> me, and Neil.  (Sigh.)
> (FWIW, the elspy CVS is pretty stable: I haven't touched the code in
> months, and both starship.python.net and mail.python.org are running a
> CVS version.)
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