[elspy] Thanks for elspy; X-Spam-headers

Gunter Mintzel gm@ipn.de
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:43:02 +0100

Hello out there,

Thanks to Greg for writing elspy.

We have a small ISP business with recently >12k incoming mails per
day on our main MX and Mailman server. It is running Debian woody
with Exim 4.12, SpamAssassin/spamd 2.43, Amavis-perl and some
other stuff. After testing Exiscan that did some strange things to
mail headers I tested elspy as SPAM filter on SMTP time. It has
been working in on the production system without any problems for
two weeks now. The machine is a PIII-500 as it was before with
Exim3 and without spam scanning but the performance is still fine.

Beeing a Python fan for many years I appreciate the possibilty to
change elspy´s behaviour by just changing a few lines in
spamscan.py. I did that for example to add some more checks against
known spam/porn senders in the "Envelope-From" or "From"-Headers. I
also added an option to whitelist hosts from which no incoming mail
should be scanned.

There is only one annoying issue, at least for me: If a mail passes
the scanner several times, the X-Spam-Headers are added again even
if the spam check gave the same results. So I make a few comparisons
to prevent that:

        if not headers.get(xss) == spam_status:
            headers.add(xss, spam_status)
        if not headers.get(xsf) == "YES":
            headers.add(xsf, "YES")
        if not headers.get(xsl) == spam_level:
            headers.add(xsl, spam_level)

Still, if for any reason additional SPAM scans would give different
results on each pass the X-Spam-headers would show up several times
now. There should be a more elegant solution to that.