class Base

An example base class

This would be a detailed description of class Base. Note that private members are not displayed by these templates. Note also that class description comments can now come both before and after the class declaration, and, with the -h option, comments can include HTML Formatting!

This is a custom comment type. You can now create as many comment types as you like for precise output control.

Programmer: John Doe


Base (int arg1) : Class Constructor
int public1 () : A Public member function.
float public2 ( float arg1, float arg2) : A member function for class base
class NestedClass : A Nested class

float protected1 : A protected member
int protected2, *protected3 : Variable lists are supported
float protected4 ( double arg1 )

friend iostream & operator<< (iostream &)
friend class FriendlyClass

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