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Slides for my PyCon DC 2003 on Unit Testing in Python are now available. They are also available from the Starship anonymous FTP server. I'll post a link later.

I joined the PSA and got an account on the Starship Python. Check the table of contents below to see what's currently available at this site. (Not updated in quite some time...)


Starship System Administration

When I first joined the Starship, I noticed that some of the Python modules that I expected to be installed were not available. I quickly realized that the group of Starship sys admins didn't have enough time to keep all of the software up-to-date. I soon jumped in and joined the webmaster group, mainly so that I could take the lead with software installation. If a software package that you would like ot use isn't installed, e-mail me a request at my account. I'll discuss it with the other system administrators and install it if there isn't a reason it's not installed. I also keep a sys admin log where I keep track of what I'm planning and what I've done.

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Starship Crew FAQ

I'm not sure when the orientation to the Starship was, but I must have missed it when I joined the Starship Python. I learned how to find my way around this virtual community by asking Pirx and other crew members a lot of questions. Luckily, I was also familiar with Linux and could do my own exploring, too. I realized that the Starship needed a FAQ, especially for its new members, and I set up a FAQ Wizard for our community. Look at the Crew mailing list archives for the URL. Please help me keep it up to date! If you find a mistake, please correct it. All crew members should have the password. If you've forgotten it, just e-mail me at my account, and I'll give it to you.

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I am the current maintainer of PERCEPS, a program that generates flexible documentation for C/C++ programs based on header files and the comments they contain. PERCEPS was first released by Mark Peskin in January of 1997. I took over the code in June of 1999. Check the PERCEPS home page for the latest news and most recent version.

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Perl to Python Journal

I learned and used Perl before I learned Python. I much prefer Python to Perl for any serious work, but I still use Perl quite often. One way I have been learning more Python recently is by translating old Perl programs to Python. I have kept a journal of some of those translations as a way to introduce other programmers--especially Perl hackers--to Python. It currently only has one example, but I hope to add a few more when I have time.

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My Bookmarks

Since I access the Internet from several different computers on different networks, it helps to have my list of links available on the World Wide Web. My bookmarks probably won't be terribly interesting to anyone else, but you may look at them if you like.

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