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Download Python Win32 Extensions

This project is now being hosted at sourceforge - there may be later versions available than referenced on this page - see the sourceforge download area for all release information:

For problems installing these extensions, please refer to the Installation Problems Guide.  See also the PyWin32 FAQ

Build 202

Many installation errors fixed - now installs for non-admin users.
New modules: win32com.ifilter for access to the Micosoft Index Server, win32inet for access to the wininet API,.
Updated modules: win32file grows a high-performance directory iterator, win32gui, win32security and get a number of new methods.

For the full changelog, including a summary of bugs fixed, see this build's release page at sourceforge.
Download this build via Sourceforge

What happened to the build numbers?

All new builds of the pywin32 (win32all) extensions are now released from SourceForge.  The release mechanism has changed a little.  The new features are:

  • The new distributions are all built using distutils - the WISE installer is no longer used.
  • The build numbering has changed.  Any single build will be available for all supported versions.  For example, build 200 is available for both Python 2.2 and Python 2.3 (whereas previously, one build number was used for Python 2.2, and other for 2.3)
  • To mark this change, the build numbers have jumped to 200, and will increment from there.

Please visit the sourceforge download area for this project for these new builds.

Source Code

Source code is available via CVS from source-forge.  See the information on getting the sources, and the instructions for building them.

Bugs, Questions, etc?

If you have any problems installing these packages, please refer to the Installation Problems Guide.

Otherwise, see the PyWin32 FAQ for information on how to report bugs, and many other things.

Older Versions

Incase you have problems with the new builds, the most recent win32all builds are still listed here.  If you do need to revert to these older versions, please report a bug indicating the problem you had with the new version.

These are old versions - for the most recent versions, please visit the sourceforge download area for this project.

Python Version Latest win32all version
Python 2.3
win32all-163.exe (also see the notes for this version)
Python 2.2 win32all-162.exe (also see the notes for this version)
Python 2.1 win32all-151.exe
Python 2.0 win32all-144.exe
Python 1.5.2 win32all-143.exe

Or see the very old versions

Thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project

[Wed Jul 27 08:02:53 2005 GMT+10]