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Python for Windows Extensions

Welcome to the home-page for the Python for Windows extensions.

Here you can find:

There is also some (old) documentation you may like to check out. For some details on Pythonwin (including embedding it in your own MFC application and some MFC concepts) see For some overviews of the Win32 API as exposed to Python, see

MFC DLLs for Pythonwin

To run Pythonwin, you may need a copy of the Microsoft MFC DLLs.  You should only install these files if the install process tells you the DLL can not be found, or if Pythonwin fails to start due to this DLL missing.
  • For Python 2.3 the DLL is likely to already be installed - but if not, you can use mfc42.dll (995,383 bytes)
  • For Python 2.4, the DLL is likely to not be installed - you need mfc71.dll (1,060,864 bytes)
Download these files and save them to your Windows System32 directory.

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