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Anonymous CVS Access to source tree.

New The project is now being hosted at SourceForge New

Visit the project's CVS pages at sourceforge for all the information you need, including where to get CVS, how to use WinCVS, and lots of other information.

Note: Sources retrieved from CVS are not guaranteed to be stable. Complete testing of the package will probably not take place with each check-in. If you want to ensure you have a stable build you should check out the source code used for each win32all build. CVS tags are used for this purpose. for example, build 127 of win32all has been marked with the tag "b127".

You can also access the repository via your browser.

Once you have got the sources, you may like to browse the build instructions.

Accessing the CVS Repository

Note that these instructions may be out-dated, and are probably not as good as the information at sourceforge.


WinCVS is probably the best way to use CVS for Windows. The latest WinCVS version works very well and can be found from (or indirectly via the official CVS pages at

These instructions are provided courtesy of Grant Griffin, who states: "Don't hold me to this, but as best I recall, here are the steps I went through":

  • Start WinCvs.
  • The "CVS Root" dialog immediately comes up. Fill it in with Set the authentication to "passwd" file on the cvs server. (Note: Cancelling" this dialog results in most of the menus of WinCvs being blank; and the only remedy seems to be to be to restart WinCvs.)
  • Login using the "Cvs Admin/Login" menu. When prompted, leave the password blank
  • Checkout any of the modules using the "Create/Checkout module" menu. You will be prompted to supply the name of a local work directory to download into (see the tip below which indicates this structure can be changed after the first checkout)
  • When prompted for the module name, enter pywin32.
  • It should start downloading (but will take a while).

Note: If you do perform these actions on a newly setup machine, please let me know if these instructions need improving or correction.

Command Line CVS

See the sourceforge instructions.


After you have performed the initial check-out, you may wish to change the directory structure. As CVS remembers the module and repository for each individual directory, changing the directory structure will not affect the operation of CVS. You may like to use the directory structure I use, as documented in the building from sources instructions.

Mailing List

There is a mailman mailing list attached to the CVS repository. This will allow you to be notified whenever a check-in is made to the repository. Digest mode has been disabled for this list, as each check-in has the diffs attached, making the digests potentially huge. Let us know if this is a problem for you and we will re-assess the situation.

List information, including information on how to subscribe can be found at here

The Python for Windows Extensions are hosted at SourceForge - visit the project page here.

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