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Latest news (07-Feb-99): We actually seem to have moved to the new starship :-]


Finally, there is now a little more to find than this page. If you are interest in how Python works with ASP pages, have a look at my little Python ASP intro.


Those who would like to get a quickstart on using COM with Office products, have a look at my COM tutorial from SPAM7 in Houston.


Some people might also be interested in my Win32 code which I begun to collect. An enhanced version of Python's DDE Module with support for multiple servers, request, poke, suitable to control Netscape's NCAPI, has finally made it into the PythonWin distribution. You should download this only if you want to see the source code.
Based upon Fredrik Lundh's famous squeeze module, I added some code to create small stand-alone .exe's which can be used like "Python-applets". It is currently known as SQFREEZE. The system dll files are still required (so your users must stillhave Python installed), but the exe file can run from alone an doesn't need to unpack any modules.
There are some enhancements planned: Support for windowless applications (like Pythonw) will come soon. Later I'm planning to allow to run complete Python applications, including the interpreter and a virtual file system. That can take a little longer, and also the name would have to change (how about "cheese" like cheating freeze?)


For those who would like to keep a record of their typing into PythonWin, how about a PythonWin logger? It was of much use for my Python tutorials which I give on a regular basis. I'm thinking of a row of enhancements, like a single step button for PythonWin. Feedback is appreciated.

Who is Pirx, actually?

People might wonder why I choosed the name "Pirx". I hope that some of you still know the author of his adventures, Staniszlav Lem. If I find some time, I might collect something about the kind of science fiction which went though my mind when the starship idea was born.

For the interested, here some links about Lem: Some Lem stories (as a minor drawback: Polish text :-)
The original name of "Pirx" is "Pirks" which seems to be a proper translation. Amazon seems to do Lem books, as I found Tales of Pirx the Pilot there.

This site

Actually I'm the guy who initiated this wonderful website. But it turns out that *you* do all the nice work, and I am in the machine room all day and try to get everything running. Maybe I should have better choosen Marvin as name, the sad old Robot from "The Hitchhikers Guido to the Galaxy", Douglas Adams. A collection of this stuff would also be fun.

Fun stuff

Yes, not so much Python now, just behind the scenes. But how about some funny stuff? It is at least 10 years old, and I found it some days ago and stole it for you: how to catch a lion
Let me know what you think about it - pirx Christian Tismer