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python-dev Summaries

The python-dev summaries are intended to inform the larger Python community of currently ongoing development. To comment on material in them, simply post to comp.lang.python or python-list@python.org. Give your posting a meaningful subject line, and if it's about a PEP, include the PEP number (e.g. Subject: PEP 201 - Lockstep iteration) All python-dev members are interested in seeing ideas discussed by the community, so don't hesitate to take a stance on a PEP if you have an opinion.

Summaries before February 2001 were written by Andrew Kuchling and can be found on his site.

Starting with July 2001, I'm taking a break from writing the summaries for a bit. Fortunately Andrew has agreed to take over again, so here are the summaries he's written:

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