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Pythonwin Version2 Debugger

In the absence of anything better, here are some short notes on the new Pythonwin debugger.

Hopefully most of the functions will be obvious, but points worth mentioning:

  • When the debugger is not active, all break-points are shown "hollow" - without any coloring. When the debugger is active, all break-points turn red.
  • When running a script under Pythonwin, you must still explicitly invoke the debugger for break-points to be honored (ie, for them to turn red). You do this by selecting "Step-Into" (F11) or "Go" (F5), or selecting a debugging option from the Run Script dialog (or the same options from the menus or toolbars)
  • Some of the debugger windows may not reappear when restarting the debugger. Simply select the appropriate button on the Debugging toolbar to show it. If you close the Debugging toolbar, you can open it using the View->Toolbars->Debugging menu option.
  • You add new watch variables and break-point conditions by clicking on the left column of the window (ie, the "<Add New Item>" or "None" columns), and insert the new value in-place. This is the only way to change these options. Pressing the Delete key will remove a watch variable or break-point.

[Wed Jul 27 08:02:53 2005 GMT+10]