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a goal on a zork court

What Is Zorkball?

Basically, Zorkball is glorified kick-the-can. Played on any grassy area containing a signpost, Zorkball is the orderly chaos that ensues when two teams of two players each work to earn points by causing the zork (a crushed aluminum can) to clank against the signpost.

Zorkball In-Depth

Check out The Official Rules of Zorkball for the complete rundown. Learn to use such terms as "hez," "chipzork" and "Eastwooding" in your daily conversation!

Once you've devoured the rules, which are short, sweet, and to the point, be sure to get all your in-depth questions answered by reading The Zorkball FAQ. If a Zorkball question isn't answered in the FAQ, be the first to ask it of the resident experts.

Zorkball Lore

The resurgent zork community has seen a blooming of "zorklit" -- the literature of Zorkball.

Read about The History and Meaning of Zorkball, in an essay and accompanying poem by one of the legendary founders of the sport.

And read the epic poetic account of The 1982 Championship, also penned by one of the founding fathers.

Zorkball News!

Zorkball will be featured on The Disney Channel! Read all about it!

New zorkball players, teams, and leagues are being organized. Youth players in the Denver area will have the chance to appear on the Disney Channel! If you find yourself smitten with The Game, grab a teammate and sign up!