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Manus Joseph Hand


To earn an appropriate (that's a euphemism for "high" ) salary with an ownership stake in a successful company, while doing what I love to do and am good at and while spending ample time with my family and my outside interests.

A technical personnel and project manager who can and will involve himself in the architecture, design, coding, and testing of software products and solutions.

To work in an entrepeneurial environment, where contribution is obvious, apparent, meaningful, significant, and well-rewarded.

  • Extremely strong software architect, designer, and coder.
  • Successful and well-respected manager of development personnel and projects.
  • Strong leadership qualities.
  • Current emphasis on integration of non-Internet applications to the Internet, and on new Internet application development.
  • Over four years current experience in financial applications (banking, e-commerce).
  • Skilled in TCP/IP protocols and socket communication.
  • Ten years experience in telecommunications software development.
  • Designer of award-winning Websites.

Programming languages:
  • Primary use of C++, C, Python, JavaScript, and ksh
  • Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP) scripting (VBScript)
  • Fluent in almost every other programming language, including everything from Java to APL

    Markup languages:
  • Expert in HTML (including CGI coding)
  • XML
  • Some use of SGML

    Database systems:
  • Oracle, Informix, and other SQL, ESQL/C
  • Microsoft Access
  • Familiar with Sybase

    Operating systems:
  • UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, Linux)
  • Mcrosoft Operating Systems (MS-DOS, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000)
  • VOS (Stratus and IBM System/88)
  • VAX/VMS and other dinosaur systems

    Other applications:
  • Web servers (IIS, Apache, PWS)
  • Many source, document, and graphics editors
  • Source control systems (Source Safe, CMVC, Continuus, RCS and CVS, SCCS)
  • Integrated development environments (Visual Studio, Interdev, many others)
  • Debuggers and software quality tools (Purify, Quantify, PureCoverage, Insight, InUse)

  • Employment
    101 Inverness Drive East, Suite 120
    Englewood, CO 80112
  • Employed June, 1997 through present.
  • Sole founding employee of the company in June of 1997.
  • History of Employment:
    • Development Lead (Managing Architect). Singly responsible for all aspects of management of the development division of the company, including:
      • staffing,
      • developer direction,
      • software project architecture and design,
      • profit management,
      • project estimation and acceptance,
      • product enhancement,
      • sales and marketing opportunities,
      • customer relations.
      As discussed below, had formed the entire development staff for the company until staff expansion (which led to a loss of what had been strong profitability for the development arm of the company), then served as technical leader of the development group, but resisted the move into management duties. Finally relented, however, and took over management. Was surprised to find not only interest and passion for project and personnel management tasks, but strengths and capabilities to perform them well. Extremely quickly took the development team from consistently unprofitable to consistently profitable, while keeping the team thriving, expanding, and very high in morale and cameraderie.
    • Sole Architect/Developer, Technical Leader. Single-handedly designed and implemented the company's Internet account access (home banking) product, used continually in production since March of 1998, on which the success of the company has been built. Responsible for all design and architecture of this product. Created Websites for diverse clientele. Customer relationship and presentation duties (also served as the company's initial sales and marketing arm as well).

    Evolving Systems, Inc.,
    9777 Mt. Pyramid Ct.
    Englewood, CO 80112
  • Employed May, 1988 through June 18, 1997.
  • One of the original ten employees of the company.
  • Last title: Senior Programmer (Programmer III).
  • Regularly promoted throughout employment.
  • Received annual corporate award for excellence, 1995 (the first year in which awards were given).
  • History of Employment:

    University of Wyoming
    Laramie, Wyoming 82071
  • Employed during degree work by various departments of the University.
  • History of Employment:
    • User Consultant, Computer Science Department. Supported faculty, staff, and students in the use of University computer facilities at the various laboratories and printing and plotting centers.
    • Tutor, Graduate School and Athletics Department. Assisted blind and sighted computer science class students in their studies.
    • Programmer, Mechanical Engineering Department. Wrote a plotting package for engineering students and faculty to use in analyzing tensile strength and other qualities of composite materials under study or development.
    • Laboratory Assistant ("User Confuser"), Computer Science Department. Assisted University students in their use of the computer timesharing laboratories and with their programming assignments.

    Freelance Work
    A long, long time ago
  • Designed, implemented, and installed accounting software for small businesses.
  • Created mailing list database and mail addressing system for a county Political Party.

  • Publications
    Application Extensibility in Python
  • Presented at the Fourth Python Conference, held at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, June, 1996.
  • Appeared in the Proceedings of that conference.
  • Abstract: Introduces new methods by which the Python programming language can be used to create applications which can be easily extended and maintained. Examples of the new coding techniques are provided in the form of an automated message and command response application.

    Microprose Diplomacy Reference Manual
  • Solicited by Hasbro Interactive to contribute to the reference manual shipped with the computer version of Diplomacy.
  • Authored Chapters 3 and 15.
  • Proofread and corrected other chapters before publication.

  • Professional
    Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Member of the Special Interest Group for Programming Languages (SIGPLAN)

    Python Software Activity (PSA)
  • Member of multiple Special Interest Groups
  • Contributor to the Python core distribution, providing bug fixes and the implementation of shared libraries and threads for a specific platform.

  • Educational
    Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), 1988
    University of Wyoming
    Laramie, Wyoming 82071
  • Honors Program graduate
  • Double-minor in mathematics and English
  • Tuition paid by scholarships and honors stipends

    Master's Program (Computer Science)
    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, Colorado 80523
  • Incomplete post-graduate work, pursued during employment
  • Initial emphasis on database systems

  • Personal
    Manus is pronounced MAWN-us, and means "Hand" in Latin.
  • Born March 19, 1964
  • Married January 18, 1991 to Angela McDaniel.
  • Father of two:
    • a daughter, Kayla Kristeen (born February 15, 1992), and
    • a son, McManus Jameson (born April 1, 1993).
  • A legend (not my words) in the Diplomacy gameplay hobby; winner of the 1996 Don Miller Award for Meritorious Service to the Diplomacy Hobby, member of 1998 World Championship Team, founder/leader of the Association of Rocky Mountain Area Diplomacy Adversaries (ARMADA), director of an annual championship tournament (host to the North American Championships in 2001 and the World Championships in 2003), and founder and keeper of The Diplomatic Pouch, the Internet home page for the hobby.
  • Has the unique hobby of visiting the gravesite of each deceased U.S. President, and maintains a surprisingly popular Website (featured on the Discovery Channel and C-SPAN, and in publications like The New York Times Magazine) chronicling this strange pastime.
  • Something of an Internet cult figure, even to the point of having my own fan club (no, it wasn't my idea).
  • Coined the words "emoticon" (smileys like :-) which are used in e-mail) and "Weblish" (to publish via the Internet). [Honest!]
  • Reads biographies and history, and legal, political, and espionage novels for recreation.
  • Non-smoker.
  • Can speak Spanish to myself in the shower and maybe really, really slowly to someone else who speaks Spanish.
  • References available on request.