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Featured in

Sunday Magazine, October 11, 1998


And in

October 13 and October 22, 1998


And in the...




October 31, 1998

May 20, 1996
On May 21, 1996,
Featured June 3, 1996 on
Featured June 27, 1996 in

And on October 2, 1996,
This Site was Declared the

Featured on the July 4th, 1996
episode of The Discovery Channel program

Wow, I'm a Ring of Death site!

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October 11, 1996
At 7 AM (my time) on October 13, 1996,
this was the Cool Site of the

Featured in the January, 1997 issue of the print magazine
WebCrawler Select
Week of January 28, 1997

November 7, 1996

November 7, 1996
and July 9, 1997


Awarded and made Site of the
Day for December 2, 1996


July 10, 1997

July 26, 1999

July 23, 1998

...And a writeup in the Web journal The Dichotomy of the Dog...

And, as if that's not enough, how about the front page of the Business Section of the November 4th, 1996 issue of the Los Angeles Daily News?

I'm not done. Three pages of the May, 1997 issue of American Cemetery magazine were devoted to this site.

Still unimpressed? Well, not for long -- this site was the subject of an article in the Sunday, July 13, 1996 edition of the Laramie (Wyoming) Daily Boomerang!

All that, and to be featured in The Daily Bikini too! Who could ask for more?