FirstClass to Mail and RSS

The Ringo MUG in Tokyo is exploring alternatives to the increasingly expensive FirstClass BBS system. I wrote a simple script that scrapes new messages off the FirstClass web interface and converts them to Email. I mail the messages to a set of Mailman mailing lists for distribution to members. Recent versions of the script can also build RSS feeds of the individual conferences and the overall conference activity.

Hide quotes that start with up to three initials and > when building RSS synopsis. Quote ' in RSS titles.
Improve RSS synopsis quotation removal. Use time zone offset instead of name in pubddates.
Improve plain-text "bold" markup.
Switch to FC Server 7.x HTML format. Build RSS feeds for each list. Improve message header parsing.
Make each Email message multi-part-alternative with both HTML and plain-text parts. (Last public release for FC 6 servers.)
Attach a list of live links to attachments on FC web interface.

Jim Tittsler
Last modified: 2005.02.12