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FirstClass to Mail and RSS
The Ringo MUG in Tokyo has migrated away from the increasingly expensive FirstClass BBS system. I wrote a simple script that scraped new messages off the FirstClass web interface and converted them to Email. I mailed the messages to a set of Mailman mailing lists for distribution to members. Recent versions of the script can also build RSS feeds of the individual conferences and the overall conference activity.
News via WWW
Some of the members of the Tokyo PC Users Group complained that they couldn't access our newsgroups through their firewall, so I put together a PCGI program that queries the NNTP server and builds simple HTML pages on the fly. The source is available if you would like to adapt it to your environment.
Tips and Tricks for using the Mailman mailing list manager

Computer Events in the Tokyo Area

OnJapan.Net offers an online listing of computer events in the Tokyo, Japan area. Find a conference, show, or user group meeting. (All done in Python of course.)


The NetWinder was an interesting StrongARM-based network computer designed around Open Source software. It was retailed by NetWinder Inc.

I originally built and maintained the NetWinder.org FAQ with the Python FAQ Wizard, but it is now rendered as a static snapshot.

My Other "Home" Pages Around the World

Amateur Radio
Amateur radio resources, with an emphasis on reciprocal operating in Japan
EchoMac is an open source voice over IP application for amateur radio that is compatible with the EchoLink network.
I am a member of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART) and served as webmaster for the Gisborne Amateur Radio Club (ZL2AA). Here in Tokyo I serve as the webmaster for the Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association (TIARA) (7J1YAA).
OnJapan.net provides a variety of Unix administration, Email and mailing list, and web architecture support services.
WikiEducator supports collaborative development and refinement of Open Education Resources for both the compulsory sector and tertiary education. One of the major focuses is course material for the OERu.

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