Elguavas' Python Pit

elguavas waves hello Here are a couple of links to some of the python related stuff I've been involved in. One day I might have the time to put something neater here.

IDLEfork, a project which I revitalized and managed and programmed on for a while, was the official experimental fork of IDLE, python's lightweight, bundled, IDE. New features proven in IDLEfork have now been merged back into official python IDLE, since python version 2.3.

I was also a developer on the Debian GNU/Linux project for a while.

The picture is me, Stephen M. Gava, aka elguavas (el-gwah-vz), waving hi, as seen quite a few years ago, when I had more hair and less beard, by my youngest son.

you can contact me by making 'elguavas at python dot net' into a real email address...