Berthold Höllmann's bhoelHelper module

CheckArgs is used to process parameters for functions and class methods. It handels *data and **keyword arguments.
gVector inherits most of it's functionality from Konrad Hinsens's Vector module. But it works for 2D vectors as well as for 3D vectors.
machar is a python implement of the machar routine from "Numerical recipes in C". It determines and makes avaible the machine specific parameters affecting floating point arithmetic. is used to genereate html documentation from the above using pythondoc.


Get bhoelHelper-0.1.tar.gz.

Unpack bhoelHelper-0.1.tar.gz in the python1.5/site-packages/ directory and create a link from bhoelHelper to bhoelHelper-0.1:

>cd .../python1.5/site-packages
>gunzip bhoelHelper-0.1.tar.gz
>tar xf bhoelHelper-0.1.tar
>ln -s bhoelHelper-0.1 bhoelHelper


Only avaible documentations are the generated documentation. I used pythondoc to genereate this documentation.
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