Berthold Höllmann's PySplines module

CubicSplines -- Classes for calculating cubic spline curves for given nodes.
Line -- Class for representing lines between two points.
ParametricCubicSplines -- Classes for calculating parametric cubic spline curves for given nodes. (Not avaible yet, only code skeletton.)
Renner -- Class for calculating renner subsplines for given nodes.


Get PySplines-0.1.tar.gz.

Unpack PySplines-0.1.tar.gz in the python1.5/site-packages/ directory and create a link from PySplines to PySplines-0.1:

>cd .../python1.5/site-packages
>gunzip PySplines-0.1.tar.gz
>tar xf PySplines-0.1.tar
>ln -s PySplines-0.1 PySplines


Only avaible documentations are the generated documentation. I used pythondoc to genereate this documentation.
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