Berthold Höllmann's PyLaTeX module


This directory contains a module with three submodules.
Write your LATEX code in python strings, generate the LATEX output file and proccess it by latex and dvips.
LaTeXPy,, python.sty
embedd python command in a LATEX file, then proccess it by a script which evaluates the python codes and inserts the result into the LATEX file.

Put python.sty somewhere into your TEX searchpath before running latex. When using teTeX a nice place would be .../texmf.local/tex/latex/misc/ (don't forget to run texhash).
Prepare numbers and instances of 'PhysicalQuantities' for printing. is used to genereate html documentation from the above using pythondoc.


Get PyLaTeX-0.2.tar.gz.

Unpack PyLaTeX-0.2.tar.gz in the python1.5/site-packages/ directory and create a link from PyLaTeX to PyLaTeX-0.2:

>cd .../python1.5/site-packages
>gunzip PyLaTeX-0.2.tar.gz
>tar xf PyLaTeX-0.2.tar
>ln -s PyLaTeX-0.2 PyLaTeX
Copy the file LaTeXPy somewhere to your search path (under Unix).



LaTeXPy <input> [<output>]

Processes the LaTeX file <input> using the LaTeXPy package. If <output> is given it will be used for output, otherwise the file '<X>.tex' leads to the output '<X>-2.tex'.

The package

Only avaible documentations are the generated documentation. I used pythondoc to genereate this documentation.
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